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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In-Love with Quotes

"When I first you I fell in-love, and you smiled because you knew." William Shakespeare

In-Love with Christ (1)

Have you ever had warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookies out of the oven? They are virtually perfect. They melt in your mouth, the chocolate is all over your face, and you swear that you are in heaven. To me, that is what true worship is like.
Last weekend, I had the pleasure of entering into true worship. I don't know if any of you have ever felt God truly fall in your heart, but I did. It was at a youth retreat, and there were seventy youth, hands raised, eyes closed, entering into true hear-felt worship. It was amazing! It's like when you bite into the cookie, there's nothing better. You close your eyes, and you are just so lost in the cookie (Jesus) and then you swallow the warm cookie, and it's like you've never experienced anything better. When I looked around at the other teenagers lost in worship, it was like there had never been such an amazing feeling as when I was in worship myself. 
I love that feeling, and I hope that I can keep that feeling for a long time. 


I know it's totally over played, but don't you ever wonder?